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Do you have pain around your cervical vertebrae or neck area? Cervical vertebrae pain occurs in the upper part of the spine. It specifically refers to the upper 7 bones in the spine, or in every mammal on the planet, the neck bones. Interestingly enough, the very device most of you are reading this on may be causing your cervical vertebrate pain. Neck strain due to cellphone and tablet use compounded with not sleeping on a supportive mattress use could be the culprit.


Swissaire’s Ergo Backcare firm memory foam mattress provide you the extra firm back support with a focus on comfort. Memory foam mattresses will adjust to the curvature of your body and neck, just like any other memory foam mattress, but with a focus on firmness, it also will not allow the material to stretch and dip too low protecting the neck from strain and allowing to heal overnight.


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