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Industrial elegance

We all have to start somewhere. Montis was established in 1974. If you look closely at our dotted logo, you’ll recognise the open-minded spirit of the seventies, when the Dutch cautiously let go of old-fashioned civility and started dreaming of bolder, contemporary shapes. At Montis, we are firm believers of ‘Question everything, but
keep the good.’ Innovative techniques and new materials help us to keep moving forward. Quality, craftsmanship, functionality, and the ideal balance between comfort and aesthetics are not just empty words at Montis; they are the compass to the future in our on-going pursuit of industrial elegance. Our style is sophisticated, stylish, a little playful, modest, and always has its own distinct voice, as self-evident and familiar as the dots in our logo.






Every thing starts from a dot

The Montis logo is made up of a myriad of little dots. Dots are the ultimate visual element – the basis of every design. Connect two dots and you have the beginnings of a line. Its graphic mirror image is the circle: a timeless geometric shape that transcends all cultural beliefs. The circle symbolizes infinity and perfection, yet also emptiness and absolute freedom. Connotations of rest and movement, innovation and familiarity, and of nature (the planets) and culture (rings, graphic designs) can be found all over the world. The dots in the Montis logo are symbolic in both shape and meaning. Every sketch starts out hesitantly, with a single dot on an empty piece of paper. It’s the base of every design – our starting point on the road to industrial elegance.

The Montis method

Montis designs are not limited by straight lines or angles. Our playful shapes draw their flexibility from our shape-foaming process. Our foam moulding facility is the only one of its kind in the Netherlands. During the production process, a curved steel framework is encased in polyurethane foam. This method minimises residual waste, guarantees comfort and longevity, and offers great creative freedom. At Montis, there isn’t a harsh line in sight – our designs are shapely, industrial and elegant.

Montis : Otis Sofa by JOHAN VAN HENGEL – 2020

A subtle kink in the armrest makes all the difference.

The narrow, ‘folded’ armrests provide optimal ease of use. A slight kink in the armrest lends the sofa character, but also great comfort, which is often lacking in smaller frames. Otis is a customizable design, easily adjusted to specific size and style preferences.

Montis : Axel Sofa – GIJS PAPAVOINE

The sober design that distinguishes lounge model Axel XL is also characteristic of the its predecessor Axel. It’s elongated – but less deep – seats turn sitting into a luxury experience. The seat cushions lean back in a natural downwards slope, providing optimal comfort as a result. Through cleverly combining the elements and cushions of the sofa, the possibilities for variation are endless. A classic design with an elegant and open character, easily adapted to your personal wishes and taste, ready for any living situation.


Montis : Ella Armchair

With its sophisticated, dish-shaped construction, Ella makes the perfect swivel chair. The compact seat provides optimal support and adapts smoothly to any posture. The geometrically faceted sides of the buckled dish shape give Ella a truly distinctive character. Choose your favorite fabric or leather upholstery to underline the unique look ever further. Its light, sympathetic appearance makes this armchair with its wooden swivel base a perfect additional seating unit, both at home as well as in public spaces.


Every step we take at Montis can be traced back to one driving principle: we are committed to creating furniture that makes you happy – whether you’re using it or looking at it. Our designs become long-term friends; not for a little while, but for many years to come. Like a partner you can rely on. We translate varying residential needs into comfortable, high-quality products. They bear the unique signature of our designers, yet at the same time, they are seamlessly tailored to your personal lifestyle. At Montis, we stand for delivering on that promise with exceptional precision, dedication and tenacity – day in, day out


Models are currently on display in our showroom, and all Montis orders will be on an exclusive 50% discount for limited time. Step in store or give our showroom a call or Whatsapp at +6011-1076 5822 to enquire.


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