Spring 2021 HUDSON

The HUDSON sofa brings to mind the atmosphere of summer residences – casual and at the same time full of excellent design. Such a piece of furniture also quickly becomes the star of the living room. It is a perfect mix of a passion for modern simplicity and the finesse of classic forms with elegant curves. You can also easily match the sofa with sophisticated auxiliary furniture.

HUDSON SOFA should be admired from all sides. Therefore, the center of the living room is the perfect place for this piece of furniture. Its soft lines, precisely designed forms and distinctive construction details combine classic charm with modern, minimalistic discipline.

Bright colors, noble materials, modern chic deriving the best of the classics – in this setting, the sofas from the HUDSON collection are best suited. This new member of the Olta family perfectly expresses the modern love of geometry, but softened by rounded lines. The visual lightness of the sofas goes hand in hand with the characteristic frame of the furniture, which gently contrasts with the light upholstery, introducing fresh, unexpected details into the interior.

HUDSON sofas express modern elegance in a spectacular way. Geometric forms are mixed with gentle curves. Thanks to that the design is far from monotony, and at the same time consistent and pleasant. The modular system provides a lot of creative possibilities in the living room, so as to make the most of the available space.

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