Cattelan Italia Art of “Black/Nero”

Black (Nero) is one of the common colors in life. Black is the deepest color, mysterious and cool, and elegant. The match with black occupies an important part of people’s lives and home design, and will never be out of date.

Black has an expressive appeal, and many people love black things. Therefore, Cattelan Italia focused on black furniture and created many home designs with high-end aesthetics.

In the furniture industry, black represents a luxury and elegant style; whether it is east or west, whether it is ancient or modern, black is always an eternal topic in home furnishings.

On different occasions, black, with its elegant style, luxurious yet full of rustic connotations, interprets the implicit romantic feelings of modern people.


Skorpio Crystalart 300x120x75h

Design by : Paolo Cattelan – Andrea Lucatello


The Crystalart table top makes people feel at ease, with specially shaped table legs, both beauty and load-bearing coexist.

Skorpio Keramik  300x120x75h

Design by : Paolo Cattelan – Andrea Lucatello

Black is considered to be able to disperse people’s eyes to the brighter area around, and visually bring out the fresh and vital characteristics of other matching furniture. It is the best foil.

Atlantis Crystalart 300x120x75h

Design by : Paolo Cattelan 

Dragon Keramik 300x120x75h

Design by : Paolo Cattelan 

Planer Keramik 300x120x75h

Design by : Paolo Cattelan 


People can experience a kind of reason and wisdom in black. “Modern” and “Sassy” are synonymous with black.

Cattelan Italia 2020 series products are full of elegance and modernity.


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