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The third type of back pain – lumbar back pain has almost the same symptoms as the previous types of back pain we have described. The lumbar spine is largest cause of back pain worldwide. If can be dull and throbbing like the thoracic pain, back pain on left side or right side depending on the type of sleeper you are, or it can be a sharp stabbing radial pain that causes numbness in your extremities. Its causes are like those of thoracic and luckily enough, they both have the same solution that SwissAire can provide you.

While a firm memory foam mattress may be the key to solving your neck pain, a medium firm one is the solution to lumbar pain. Try the SwissAire Ergo-Swiss( It has a comfort layer with an exceptional and unique floating sensation while achieving excellent pressure relief. All inserts and inlays in the SwissAire Ergo-Swiss are ergonomically designed with anatomic profile cutting.


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