Best & Chunlin Furniture Co., Ltd. has established since 1993 for accumulated more than 20-year experience in research and development of furniture manufacturing. The founder, Mr. Chun Lin Yu adheres to the enthusiasm of the furniture market, and stems from his love of the growing- up land of profound friendship, he keeps core technology in Taiwan and assembles the veteran masters who have cumulated 30-year experience with ingenious workmanship and high quality standards. Towards materials, fine technique, strict control of the workflow.We fully absorb in the pursuit of innovative design of wooden furniture, and we believe that we can promote traditional furniture industry and cultural continuity to achieve the best level through creating our own brand.

In the beginning, Best & Chunlin started to manufacture refined solid wood of dining tables and chairs, engaged in OEM foundry for export, along the way , no matter what we research and develop our products, manufacture and the marketing, it has affirmed by European and American markets. Brand of strategy is to be sustainable developmental goal to establish our brand through the four major concepts– “innovation, environmental protection, quality and service” to promote an aesthetic life into the domestic market.