The one of a kind character of sofa Avant can be seen not only in its original cubic form but also in the level of comfort which it provides.


To enhance the feeling of relaxation the cushions of the backrest have been filled with very elastic goose down.  Thanks to that you will finally learn what true comfort feels like.


Sofa Avant fits perfectly in modern interiors and its modular construction will allow it to be incorporated into any open space.  At the same time the level of comfort it provides will make your room radiate warmth and familiarity.


To increase comfort sofa Avant has been equipped with doubly filled cushions stuffed with goose down and its wide armrests will only intensify the effect of luxury.  At the same time the ability to alter the number of modules allows the sofa to fit any modern interior.  Our minimalistic tables from the Taxi line are a perfect functional complement to this piece of furniture.

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Belgium, Europe