Sofa Elixir will make you experience comfort at the highest level.  Perfect in every detail its job is to take your rest to the next dimension.


The modern design of sofa Elixir is visible not only in its cubic shape but also in its patented frame as well as the orginal design of fittings and legs which make it seem as if it is floating without touching the ground.


Sofa Elixir has been designed to meet the expectations even of those who are the most difficult to please.  Fashionable minimalistic lines and its freely arranged modular construction make it suitable for any space.


Multilayered cushions with special comfort zones and memory foam in the seats will give luxury a whole new meaning.


Subtle metal elements underline the sofa’s individuality and enhance its modern design while the specially chosen fabrics will bring comfort to the most demanding individuals.

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Belgium, Europe