The very modern construction the Sofa Mystic will enhance the luxury of any space.  The cubic shape of its modules allow the sofa to fit into any modern interior and thanks to its wooden elements will introduce a hefty dose of functionality.


The innovative block form of the sofa Mystic is additionally underlined through the use of original fittings and legs thanks to which it becomes unique and exceptional.  In combination with its wooden elements which give it an extraordinary character your living room will gain a one of a kind modern design.


Thanks to its innovative modular construction the sofa Mystic you will be able to fit it into any space of your home.


The Sofa Mystic will become your oasis of peace and a place where you and your family can rest.


Original wooden elements of the Mystic line add to the beauty and functionality of the piece.  And your comfort will be assured by the memory foam used in the seating cushions which will conform to your body as well as by the goose down filling the backrest cushions offering a comfortable but solid support for your back.

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Belgium, Europe