TEKNI has been established since 2005 in Taiwan. The idea of the logo, Colorful TEKNI, presents 5 continents (Olympic), is exactly from this belief. In 2014, the TEKNI International was stationed in Taiwan, Malaysia, Shanghai and Wuxi. TEKNI only selects and stocks the carefully crafted modern furniture that displays not only beautiful designs but also classic and luxurious style.

We know that is difficult for single brand furniture to satisfy the requirement of each customer. TEKNI was proud to announce the collaborations with distinguished furniture brands from Holland, Belgium, Spain, France, and Taiwan. And we offer high quality products and reasonable price to clients. TEKNI promises only the best service. After all, we believe in offering the “most perfect, comfortable living space that one deserves.”

We are pleased to announce that Tekni’s first flagship showroom is now open in Malaysia. This is an exciting addition to the five existing showrooms which two are located in Shanghai and three in Taiwan.

In our showroom you can find the “Newness” and a wide range of state-of-art furniture. We are not just a furniture retailer, we are the leader in the furniture design market. We collaborate with many international designers and strive to fulfil their clients’ demands.

We welcome you to visit our showroom to discover the “Newness” yourself. We hope that we will have the opportunity to work with you to deliver the top quality & design furniture for your clients.