Total Design Solution

Best & Chunlin Company has been established since 1993 in Taiwan. In 2005, the company created and launched its own diffusion furniture range, Phoenix, Asher, Tekni and Elwood.

In 2010, Best & Chunlin was proud to announce the collaborations with distinguished furniture brands from Europe, like Artisan, Prostoria, KOO and Gamamobel.

In 2014, The Tekni International had been established under Best & Chunlin Company. The new Brand is created to cater to the different market need and to allow customers a wider variety of furniture models to choose from. The founder of Best & Chunlin, Mr. Chun Lin Yu strongly believes that “ the perfect products under the diffusions range worldwide can bring to customers and their families the perfect and exclusive living space that everyone strives to have. This is hard to be done by any single furniture brand”. This belief is from his passion and experiences that had spanned for more than 45 years in furniture design and sales.

Tekni has stores in Taiwan, Shanghai, Wuxi and Malaysia. In the near future Tekni aims to launch more stores. Tekni only selects and stocks the carefully crafted modern furniture that display not only beautiful designs but also classic and luxurious style.

TEKNI FURNITURE, is a collaborated effort by 3 purveyors of furniture design and manufacturer,

Bryan Yong, Peter Yu and Hans Chang 

– as the trio share the same passionate mindset for superb quality of designer furniture with affordable pricing. The team worked to locate and identify international furniture designer brands with highly competitive pricing – but without any compromise on important elements desired by the buyers in design, material, build, finishing, quality and style and bring them to customers who require, expect and respect the same values.


Each product that TEKNI carries is not only aesthetically attractive but they are also balanced with high-quality material, comfort of the user, and of course, the best standards of craftsmanship are some of the most important elements that Managing Director, Bryan Yong expects,

“After spending 18 years working in one of the biggest sofa manufacturers in Malaysia – with 13 years as their R&D Manager and 5 years as their Business Development Director – I enjoy design and how furniture should fit the user and not the other way around”.

“I find happiness when I actually see my customers enjoying the beautiful creations”, he adds.


You’ll be able to find ranges from affordable mid-high to exclusive high-end price points with appealing styles and designs. But if you can’t decide on the colour or if a certain piece will fit seamlessly with your other furniture back home, you can always get some consultation from the knowledgeable store managers. TEKNI Malaysia also have the resources and capabilities to propose commercial projects such as hotels, offices or even condo fit-out, locally or internationally.


Peter Yu, who was born in Lukang , Changhua County of Taiwan and graduated from National Jiayi Agriculture College (The Chiayi University predecessor) in 1980 .

He has engaged in manufacturing furniture, OEM , export, domestic sales and original brand releasing for 30 years. He is now in charging general manager .From 1960 to 1980 , Lukang which is the famous town for its furniture making and wood productive center is also a historic town.
Under this evolution backdrop, Peter Yu is cultivated to be a fantastic appreciation of the aesthetics, in addition, the background of his study about specialize academic research of forest, it urges him to participate enthusiastically the carpentry in Taiwan.